What are web analytics?

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is one of the most frustrating thing digital marketers are facing today. You cant run a successful online marketing until you understand what is web analytics, the uses, metrics and the dimension.


Web analytic is a term that refers to the study of the impact or effect a website have on its users or visitors.
From a business perspective, it can be seen as the use of data‘s information from your website to give you insights about your business.

Web analytics can be used to measure sincere data’s like:

1. How many visitors visited your site.
2.How many of those visitors were unique visitors.
3.How they located your site (if they followed a link to get to the site or came there directly).
4.The keywords they searched with on the Web search engine.
5. How long they stayed on a page or on the site.
6.The links they clicked on.
7. When they left the site.
8. It can also be used to monitor whether or not a site‘s pages are working properly.

In general, Web analytics provides site administrators and publishers with data‘s and information that they can use to organised a website to create a better user experience.

There are lots of web analytic tools, which can do a variety of things. Let’s  focus on the basics, and talk about the ways analytics can help us.


 A “metric” is a Web analytics tool. It refers to anything you can count. 

Examples include the number of visitors that visits your site, time Spent On Site. If you sell products on your website, you can know the amount you’re making or the certain number of products you’re selling. If your aim is to have people to read your website, you can track the number of times someone looked at your post or the amount of time they spent on it. All of these can be done with metrics.

Metrics can help you identify specific areas of strength to build on and areas you’ll need to improve in your website in other to attract more visitors and also to keep them glued to your website. 


The dimensions are a Web analytic tool that gives you the source that your Web visitor comes from or the attributes of the visitor (referring urls, campaigns, countries etc.). It also gives you technical information like mobile phones, browsers or screen resolution used by your site visitor.

The activities performed by the person, such as the landing page name, various pages they saw, videos they watched, searches are done on your website and the products they purchased are all dimensions. Dimensions also include the day they visited, the days since their last visit the number of visits they made. This sounds like metrics right? But they are not because it’s the attributes of the visitor and their activity on your website.

As you enter into your own web analytics reports, you’ll be able to see all the metrics and dimensions that are being recorded, then you can combine them to answer the questions you care most about.

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