Innovations Around Us

Innovations Around Us

Innovations has taken over everyday tasks and jobs can be daunting, there are lots of important and necessary things to be taken care of,  bills need to be tended to, errands to run, all these must be accomplished.

Sometimes, the wonder of what we could use technology for hits us, among them are programs, devices and several system which aim to make life easier and open up opportunities to us for development.

We live in an era where technological inventions and innovations are becoming a norm, we have programs which allow us to do a lot even from the comfort of our bedroom, E-commerce solutions readily at our finger tips, health apps that connects us with doctors and Artificial intelligent systems that can now help detect diseases in our body systems before they occur (Doctors now reside in our pockets)

List of Innovations around us.

360 degrees cameras

we live in a world which is 360 degrees but yet we confine our minds to a two dimensional approach, today as 360 degree cameras are becoming cheaper and available, 360 degree videos becoming available, we can expect user-generated content to undergo a complete renaissance.

Elon musk solar roofing tiles

Which happens to be an impressive innovation providing dual value solving cases of energy and also roofing our houses, allowing us not to lay large panels on our roofs.

Elon Musk’s Tunnel Undeground System

In a recent TED Talk, Elon Musk shows a video clip of his latest project, which is digging a network of 3-D tunnels under Los Angeles. Hoping to greatly reduce travel time, helping people travel under minutes over kilometers, without speed restrictions.
Volocopter in Dubai, to help in air transportation helping the the taxi system.

Payments using Facial Recognition technologies

Totally replacing credit cards, paypal and other e-payment companies are totally changing the way we buy and sell on the internet.

Solid State Batteries

Although still in it’s early stages of development the technology seems to tell us that our batteries would be puncture resistant, hoping to fix most of the downside of our traditional lithium battery.


Every Industry, country, city and person wants to be part of making history in an every changing world, most people may be scared of losing their source of livelihood due to the “technovation” currently disrupting almost every industry.

Although this story may not be same in every country or locality, here in Nigeria, we are still making do with smart apps which could help reduce the time and effort we spend on some tasks companies who have excelled in this field are the likes of Simplepay, voguepay, paystack, flutterwave(Payment solutions), jumia & konga (E-commerce solutions), Gomyway(transportation), e-commerce), mypadi(changing the lives of students by helping them live comfortably while they study) and so many other application.

Need for open innovation in Nigeria

There is a need for open innovation in Nigeria, in other to join the world’s top economies, in-order to overcome the impending unemployment and economic recession engulfing the country, there is an urgent need for us to come out of our shells and explore uncharted territories. Our systems seems to be running on the most remote and redundant programs, our educational institution still streamlining us to learn in just a particular way, while visual learning is becoming a norm in most countries around the world.

It’s begs the question are we ready for the next technological wave, if yes when would we start tapping into the existing ones. When would we have indigenous industries stop working in a traditional manner and begin helping with everyday solutions that affects man and how we see the world around us, some have tried to get us on the map.

I long to hear questions on Innovation like would Innoson become the Tesla of Africa, would Afrione cell be the iphone of Africa. e.t.c

I see Innovation as continuously trying to be better and do things in a better way.

If you’ve read this article you’re probably looking to help solve our impending technological issues, please keep hoping and thinking of solutions you could come up with. We could be better.

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